Head Instructor - Ms. Franca Facciolo
Head Instructor - Ms. France Facciolo

"My passion is teaching and my vision as an instructor is to help each student perform to the best of their ability, giving them the tools to achieve their personal goals and dreams."

This quote sums up the passion and dedication of Legacy Taekwon-Do’s Head Instructor, Master Franca Facciolo. After 23 years of training and traveling the world for various International Championships and tournaments, Master Facciolo achieved her lifelong goal in 2003: opening her own Taekwon-Do school. Legacy Taekwon-Do is the result of Master Facciolo’s determination, ambition, and drive.

As an adolescent, Master Facciolo demonstrated interest in a variety of athletics; however, her passion for Martial Arts, specifically the art of Taekwon-Do, superseded all others. Master Facciolo’s determination and enthusiasm have led her on a path of great success.

Master Facciolo has gone above and beyond to advocate for women’s rights. Combining her Taekwon-Do expertise, with her altruistic character, she has conducted workshops and seminars on women's self-defense and the importance of understanding both the differences and similarities among women across the globe. Her certifications, championships, and awards have led her to become a significant contributor to the art of Taekwon-Do. Her dedication, combined with her ambitious nature, has enabled her to achieve her objectives and ultimately, her dreams.

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Instructor - Ms. C. Facciolo

4th Degree Black Belt

International Instructor

Ontario Taekwon-Do team member

CPR and First Aid Certified

Health and Safety Comittee

Instructor - Mr. A. Facciolo

5th Degree Black Belt

International Instructor

CPR and First Aid Certified